5 Organising Lessons to Learn from Small Spaces

At Tasbuilt Homes, Tasmania’s leading modular home builder customisation is what we do best!

At Tasbuilt Homes, Tasmania’s leading modular home builder, customisation is what we do best!

And we love catering to our customers every wish…. Be it with colours, plan alterations, different external cladding options…the list is endless. In the age of ‘Marie Kondo’ fans, organisation & storage options are regularly discussed. Here are our design consultants’ best tips for making the most of small spaces.

Clear Out

Declutter! We all have things we keep just because a family member gave them to us, and we don’t really need them….so let go of the ‘emotional baggage’ and let the Salvo’s have it!!

If you have things at the back of your cupboard that you never use – give them away or sell them to clear up some space.

Maximise Vertical Space

Some forgotten space just maybe the walls. Shelves often stop at the height of a picture leaving the wall above wasted. Make your bookshelf extend right to the ceiling or even go above the doorway. If there are items that are hard to store such as guitar or your coat jacket – consider adding some hooks, these can become a design feature if tastefully chosen.

Build Hidden Storage into Furniture

You can be cleaver and creative, its only limited by your imagination! Make use of space by adding hidden storage under your window seat or bed. Use the space under your stairs for a storeroom or add drawers under each step for the ultimate solution.

Free up storage space

If you have a small kitchen with limited storing space, why not add a rack above your bench and hang your everyday necessities. Make a statement by hanging your copper pots and pans on hooks over your island bench. Overhead cupboards not reaching to the ceiling, use the room on top to store those kitchen nick knacks you rarely use

Multifunctional furniture

With a small space you’re always running out of room, so choose furniture that can be used for multiple things. Whether it be a sofa that pulls out to a bed or your dining table that can be used as a desk, a bed that folds down from the wall, an ottoman with storage capacity inside…the list goes on….

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