Top 10 Reasons to choose Tasbuilt as your next builder

Building with Tasbuilt saves time, money, headaches and hassles!

The top benefit of building with Tasbuilt is its fast delivery. Our simultaneous process of building homes in modules in our factory at the same time as completing site work preparation – Tasbuilt can complete homes in up to half the time as building built completely on-site. This not only means your house can be occupied sooner, it allows owners thinking of renting to see a faster return on investment.

  1. Shorter Build Time: As mentioned before, the construction process happens at the same time as the site preparations. Our factory based pre-fabrication also speeds up the process. On average, building your home as a pre-fabricated is up to 20-30% quicker than building the traditional way.
  2. A quicker return on investment: A quicker build time means more money. If you’re thinking of renting you can generate an income much quicker.
  3. Cost Savings: As our build time is shorter, it saves money on overall construction. Building in a controlled environment saves material costs, travelling expenses and rework costs.
  4. No weather related construction issues: Our construction teams work in a controlled environment at our production facility here at Westbury, allowing them to work all year round. This way our building materials remain cleaner and more protected.
  5. A solution for difficult sites: Our smart, engineer certified on-site foundation methods allow owners of blocks of all shapes and sizes to build their dream home. Mounted on steel piers, the best views are captured and your block is put to the best use possible.
  6. Limited Site Disruption: Keeping good relationships with neighbours is vital when building. Choosing to build with Tasbuilt means neighbours have no excuse to get cranky with construction noise or a constant disruption of trucks and tradesman.
  7. Better Quality Control: Tasbuilt works with a private building surveying company, throughout the different stages inspections are carried out to ensure our quality control is at a maximum. From the framing stage through to the foundations and completions, we won’t tick it off until our quality is 100%.
  8. Quality Service: From the minute you sign a contract with Tasbuilt Homes, we stay with you for your whole building journey. From lodging council applications to connecting your services, you can be sure you will get the service you wished for. Our quality service doesn’t end when we hand over the keys, we offer a 12 month maintenance warranty and a 10 year structural guarantee.
  9. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Before building with Tasbuilt, clients are welcome to view our two display homes at our display facility in Westbury. This way you can gain a greater understanding of our quality craftsmanship and be sure you’re getting only the best. Throughout the building project, customers can visit our site or view their project online on their ‘MyHome Online Tracker.’
  10. Unique Tasbuilt Experience: Building with Tasbuilt means an exclusive experience that you won’t find with any other builder! Since opening our doors in 2003, our company has endeavoured to provide only the best for each and every customer. At Tasbuilt we understand the individual needs of our clients. Focusing on our Vision and Mission, we’re striving to provide streamlined custom building solutions and to be the benchmark for systemised building processes by 2020!


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