What is the standard size of a modular home?

Is that a bit like saying how long a piece of string…let’s find out!

A question that many considering modular homes have is, ‘Is there a standard size for a modular home?’ We’ve helped answer this interesting question as best as we can below.

So, is there a standard size for a modular home? Well, no, there isn’t. Each home is designed and built specifically to the customers’ desires and requirements, and every customer’s home is unique to them. At Tasbuilt, we’re all about customisation…so no two homes are alike!

While there may be no standard size for a modular home, there are guidelines around the size that each module of a home can be. At Tasbuilt Homes, we build 80% of the home in our factory, and then transport each module on the back of a truck to its final site, where it gets secured onto the steel piers, and the finishing touches are completed to create the dream home.

As we transport each module on a truck, there are limitations and requirements around how long and wide each module can be. This is not only so that the modules fit on the truck, but also so that the modules can be transported safely through many different environments. Each module can be up to 18 meters long, and 4-5 meters wide, to be able to be safely transported on the truck.

When the home is getting designed by the customer and our design team, they take this into consideration and ensure that the home can be split into modules in such a way that each module is the right size.

But there is no need for you to worry about making sure that your home in mind will fit the required module size. Our skilled design team will work with you and your dream home design to ensure that your home will fit within the requirements and will be able to be transported safely and smoothly, anywhere in our beautiful island state!

Contact us to find out more, we’d love to work with you!

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