Tasbuilt Homes selected for 3rd Accommodation Unit in King Island

3rd Accommodation unit for Bronzewing Cottages…

Tasbuilt are pleased to have been selected to construct & complete the 3rd luxury accommodation unit for Bronzewing Cottages in Naracoopa, King Island.

Early last year we constructed 2 accommodation units for Bronzewing Cottages, these were custom designed, one of which was fully designed to cater for disability needs. These are 2 luxury units with 1-2 bedroom & are spacious open plan living. There 2 units weren’t transported the usual way. . . they were taken to Bell Bay on the back of 2 trucks which were loaded onto a ship headed for Naracoopa, King Island.

The 3rd accommodation unit has started to be constructed in our factory located in Westbury, TAS. Tasbuilt will be completing the whole project from council application through to floor coverings.

The happy owners of Bronzewing Cottages would like to share the following:

'Tasbuilt are fantastic to work with. We built 2 holiday rental cottages in 2014 and they were shipped to King Island. During the whole process we were closely consulted and could track what was happening. There was clear communication and terrific advice and support. Our cottages are wonderful with quality finishes and no hidden surprises in the construction or the cost. We are currently working with Tasbuilt to build our third cottage. I love that we know exactly what we are getting and when we are getting it. We have none of the worries that arise when managing a project ourselves.

We have no reservations in recommending Tasbuilt Homes.’

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