10 tips to creating a great study environment in your home

Make your study the most productive room in the house - here's our tips on making a study zone that's uniquely you!


The perfect study environment is essential for your success! By following these 10 simple tips you can create the perfect study environment best suited to you.

Pick a place, and love it

Chose a space in your home that eliminates the most distractions. Everyone has different preferences so make the area appeal to you and be sure you love it!

Choose your furniture

Ensure you love your furniture! Make sure its comfortable and helps a good posture. But don’t make it so comfortable you feel inclined to fall asleep! Sitting at a desk or table with a comfortable chair may be the best option. You know yourself what’s best for you, and hey – we are all different, so choose wisely!

Decorate to motivate

Decorate your study space in colours that say – YOU! Its a given - colour affects your mood. Bright, cheery hues make you feel happy and positive, while dark colours only keep the cloud of negativity hanging over you. So, choose colours you love, and ones that inspire and energise you. But be sure your colours are not too bright to distract, or to dull to not be noticed at all.

Create zones

If your space is big enough, you may like to create zones. Not all study needs to be done at a desk sitting down. Why not have a stand-up desk to keep you on your toes, or even something as comfortable as a bean bag, a spot for coffee catch up with mentors, a special quiet zone….

Adequate lighting

It’s impossible to study whilst straining your eyes under a dim light. Adequate lighting is essential for successful studying. Whether you like natural light or a small desk lamp, ensure there is sufficient light in your study area.

Organise your documents

Keep things organised! Use drawers to organise your documents or even small boxes on your desk. Make sure it is close at hand and easy to find…..a place for everything and everything in its place.

Consider a clock

Stick to a time frame. Study for an hour then take a short break, it will improve your productivity! Everyone is different so choose a period of time that best suits your concentration span. Set the timer and study hard, but be sure to take a break when the timer goes off….go on, you’ve earnt it!


If you need a bit of background noise, turn on your favourite song. Or you may be the sort of person that goes for classical music to keep your brain ticking. Choose music that best helps you absorb information. Be honest with yourself when choosing music and be smart about it.

Turn off your phone

Don’t put it in your pocket or inside a drawer - just turn it off. It can be the biggest distraction of all in this tech savvy age we live in! At every noise you’ll be tempted to check if its a text or an Instagram like. So, turn it off and keep it out of reach!....Out of sight, out of sound, and out of mind!

Keep a good attitude

A positive attitude is key! A positive attitude can help you overcome challenges along the way and most of all allow you to bring your dream to a reality.


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