What Makes The Perfect Ancillary Dwelling?

The traditional ‘granny flat’ has been transformed by modular construction and are popping up all over Tasmania.

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In recent years, modular construction has changed the stigma that an ancillary dwelling, or a ‘granny flat’ as it’s more commonly known, is just a glorified backyard shed that the in-laws stay in when they come for a visit. Ancillary dwellings are now popping up all over Tasmania, from inner-city sanctuaries on suburban blocks to rural and remote hideaways on country properties.

The design of these types of buildings has evolved to be extremely versatile, modern, and stylish and are becoming increasingly popular additions to properties for a variety of purposes. Ancillary dwellings are perfect ‘mini abodes’ for kids who are not quite ready to fly the coop, smart investment opportunities (e.g., short-term Airbnb accommodation or long-term rentals), or simply a great option for downsizers.

At Tasbuilt we don’t approach ancillary dwellings as simply a shed or a spare room but as a secondary home. These builds need to have charm and character, and their own unique identity while still cleverly complementing your primary residence. We manage many ancillary dwelling projects, and our designers do a lot of research to make sure these additional homes perfectly suit your individual property and the exact purpose they will be used for.

The two key factors to consider when designing an ancillary dwelling are its size and position. It’s important the building doesn’t dominate your backyard or feel like both parties (main residence tenants and ancillary dwelling tenants) are living on top of each other. At the start of any project, no matter your property, the Tasbuilt team undertakes a thorough investigation to make sure there is adequate room in your backyard for the ancillary building you want and helps you adjust your building design to best suit the size of your block and optimise space.

No matter its end purpose, the best ancillary dwellings offer privacy to both tenants. Therefore, separate entrance access is always a smart option to incorporate into the design to achieve a sense of independence and seclusion for the build.

There are a lot of other factors to also consider when designing an ancillary structure, such as your budget, contours of your land, the purpose of the dwelling, personal circumstances, and ways to ensure flexible living conditions. For example, an open-plan layout is a great idea for elderly residents, making sure the necessary grab rails, aids, and safety design features are installed.

Although there are a few conditions that Local Councils require you to abide by when building granny flats, if you build with Tasbuilt Homes, we handle the whole council approval process for you so you don't have to worry. Our range of ancillary building designs are crafted to the exact same quality and standard as any of our larger home designs, ready to accommodate all of your individual requirements without compromising on strength, style, or practicality.

Tasmanian Government’s Ancillary Dwelling Grants Program

Want $10k to build a granny flat in your backyard? The Tasmanian Government has recently launched an awesome new grants program that will give $10,000 to homeowners who construct a new ancillary dwelling on their property and make it available for long-term rental. Applications for these grants are open until 30 September 2021, and Tasbuilt has a range of cleverly crafted, contemporary, compact home designs for your build when your grant is approved!

Thinking of building an ancillary dwelling on your property, or recently approved for a government grant? Contact us today to talk about next steps and start bringing your ‘second home’ to life!


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