Tips for spring cleaning your home

Get cleaning this spring to banish the winter blues...


Spring cleaning is a time-honoured way to banish winter blues and give your home a revamp.

Before you begin, ensure you have a rubbish-removal plan (access to a skip or trailer) to ensure the mess doesn’t simply move from inside to outside. Focus your attention on one room or area at a time, de-cluttering and tidying before giving it a thorough clean from top to bottom.

Bedrooms and Wardrobes

Spruce up your bedding and edit your wardrobe to turn your bedroom into a restful retreat.

  • Wash and pack away winter bedding; replace with summer bedlinen
  • Wash or replace pillows
  • Move bed and vacuum underneath
  • Turn, rotate and air mattress
  • Empty drawers. Remove items no longer needed, wipe clean and organise remaining items using drawer containers or dividers
  • Keep only what fits well, looks good and makes you feel great.
  • Clean empty wardrobe then organise your clothes, placing similar items together.

Children's Bedrooms

Little people’s bedrooms can quickly become messy.

  • Keep the floor clear with colourful baskets/tubs for toys, shoes, sporting equipment
  • Label containers and arrange frequently used items within easy reach
  • Use clear hanging shoe storage to organise small items such as hair ties and toys.
  • Add a laundry basket if needed.
  • Sell, donate or recycle unused or outgrown toys and clothes.


  • Wash kitchen walls and ceiling.
  • Clear out the pantry, remove expired foods and organise like items together.
  • Empty and clean fridge, defrost the freezer if needed, discard expired food.
  • Tidy drawers and cupboards
  • Clean all surfaces including work surfaces and cupboard doors
  • Clean all appliances, including the oven, cooktop, microwave and dishwasher, inside and out.
  • Check for and safely dispose of old/unused cleaning products.


  • Empty bathroom cabinets, removing expired medications and old cosmetics.
  • Clean grout and replace broken seals around the shower, bath or basin.
  • Check washers in taps and toilet and replace if needed.

Living Room

  • If conditions allow, consider adding an indoor plant to create a breath of fresh air in what can be a busy space.
  • Review your collection of books, movies, music and games. Keep only what you use and really treasure.
  • If you have a fireplace, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to pick up as much dust as you can before detailing with a damp cloth.

Remember to…

  • Dust blinds, light fittings, ceiling fans, floor/ceiling vents.
  • Clean windows inside and out.
  • Wash soft furnishings – cushions and curtains
  • Clean doorknobs, light switches, trims and picture frames.
  • Consider having carpets and rugs professionally cleaned.


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