Why is a modular home so much better than a home built on a site?

A Modular home is easy and stress-free!

Here are the top reasons for choosing a modular home with Tasbuilt.

Less Hassle

Tasbuilt’s unique off-site construction process takes the hassle out of building your new home.

Minimal disruption

Having a Modular home prevents problems such as the accumulation of construction waste, continual waste and dust, strained relationships with neighbours and the inconvenience and expense of tradesman and delivery vehicles coming and going.

Less environmental impact

A Modular home reduces the impact on the environment – here at Tasbuilt we are able to monitor and control the collection and disposal of all waste produced during construction. We are able to eliminate the usual building litter and debris that builds up on conventional building sites.

Fast construction

No time is lost due to bad weather, on-site vandalism or pilfering, as your home is built at our secure under cover factory.

Move in on time

Tasbuilt enables you to have the benefit of knowing exactly when you will be moving in, without the hassle of having to organise a huge-clean up after the home is completed.

A Modular home is easy and stress-free! Call us to day to learn more about the benefits of building a home with Tasbuilt Homes.



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