Another Tasbuilt Home in Dolphin Sands

Looking to build on the East Coast of Tasmania?

Tasbuilt Homes have handed over another new home in the popular Dolphin Sands area. This new residence incorporates a spacious 2 bedroom home with open living and a galley kitchen. Other features include a large walk in pantry and spacious bathroom with a luxurious deep bath and walk in shower.

The other half of the home is sectioned off as a large gallery and tea room for displaying the owners amazing paintings. The gallery includes an accessible bathroom and compliant accesses so that the gallery can be officially opened to the public.

Externally the home is a simple design with natural colours, which blends in seamlessly with the natural bush surrounding the home.

The opening date for the gallery is December 2017 – for more information go to

Tasbuilt is a popular option for home owners looking to build on the East coast of Tasmania, so if you are considering your options for building or buying a new home, give us a call on 1800 639 310



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