Managing your budget when building a home

Three tips for keeping things ‘predictable’ for your next build

Blog 1 Managing your budget when building a home

There are heaps of decisions to make when it comes to building a home. Here are some tips for managing the budget and keeping things predictable from the all-important financial point of view.

1. Thorough planning

Building a home is not something most people do often. It’s a substantial project and a major investment. So planning pays dividends, for peace of mind and a smooth running build. This is precisely why we offer a service in which all inclusions and optional extras are clearly identified, so we all know what to expect.

Generally speaking, for any build we advise working through every aspect of it thoroughly and making as many decisions as you can before you start. Get hold of a template, drill down into every detail and nail as much as you can.

2. Choice of site

Before choosing your site, take a few things into consideration. Does anything stand out which could make a build more difficult? How is access to the site? That’s important for builders’ trucks or delivery of your new modular home. Are there any mature trees that may need to be worked around or removed?

Rural living is one of the best things about Tasmania but remember to factor in whether services are already in place – gas and electricity, phone and NBN, water supply and wastewater treatment. If they need to be installed, budget for them.

Once you’re ready to take the plunge, consider Tasbuilt’s free site inspection service; it’s worth getting a professional to cast their experienced eye over the site.

3. Fixed-price contract

Tasbuilt provide a fully itemised fixed-price proposal for every home. Everything is agreed up front, and we mean everything – labour, materials, interiors, services, painting and fixtures down to the last doorknob. Our clients love the peace of mind and certainty this brings them. The only surprises are the last minute ones you decide to give yourself. Designer tapware from Italy, anyone?

With good budget management and a smooth-running build, moving into your new home can be the life-changing experience you want it to be, in the best possible way.

Check out our ‘6 Step’ Process to building homes, to see how Tasbuilt can make your next build simple, streamlined and budget savvy!


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