Spring Snow Fall Lands on New Tasbuilt Cabin

A fresh fall of snow provided a perfect photo snap for the Tasbuilt tradesmen…


Tasbuilt Homes has almost completed a new cabin at Miena, near the Great Lakes in the Highlands of Tasmania.

Today a fresh snow fall landed on the newly constructed home, providing a picturesque setting for the tradesmen who were working to complete the home for its new owners. The cabin has a specially engineered roof frame to cater for the extra weight of the snow, as well as additional reinforcing on the guttering to protect it from the sagging snow load. This new cabin is based on our Elliot design, a popular, affordable weekender, with 2 bedrooms and a compact bathroom

This is not the first time Tasbuilt has delivered a home to the Highlands. Tasbuilt has complete projects in Bothwell, Interlaken, Miena, Todds Corner, Poatina – just to name a few of the popular Great Lake locations! There are a number of building requirements in the Alpine regions, such as roof pitch and snow loading, to ensure the home caters to the extreme conditions of the environment in these locations. Tasbuilt's double glazing, and extensive insulation, ensures the home will be warm and cosy on the coldest of winters nights!

As part of Tasbuilts extensive customer service, we look after the entire project from council application to completion of the home…all you have to do is move in, put your feet up, and relax! We even do the final finishing touches like curtains and carpets, and of course a full detail and clean before you take over.

If you are thinking of building in the Highlands, contact Tasbuilt for more information on our great range of single and double story plans. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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