Moving To Tasmania...

Entrepreneurs Opportunity


Got a dream for starting a new venture. Ready to take the world by storm? Join the growing number of entrepreneurs that are choosing Tasmania as their base for launching into the business world.

Why is Tasmania such an opportunity for Entrepreneurs?

Low set up costs – With both residential and commercial property prices at far more affordable levels than most of our mainland counterparts, Tasmania offers you the opportunity to get started without being hamstrung by crippling repayments or leasing costs.

Unique Sought After Brand – Tasmania has a well-founded reputation and image as an environmentally sensitive and sustainable producer, with a strong focus on environmental and agricultural products. Tasmania also has a flourishing mining industry and a fast developing manufacturing and advanced manufacturing sector. Tasmanias pristine environment is a particular advantage for food and beverage producers who can leverage this advantage to sell their produce to premium markets. Tasmanian seafood, beef, lamb, wine, beer and fruit is sought after both Australi wide and internationally

Internet Access – Many regions in Tasmania were included in the early rollouts of the NBN, so high speed internet is available in most locations. This means you can run your new business efficiently and seamlessly from the comfort of your Tasmanian retreat

Government Support – Both the state and federal government offer a range of grants and initiatives for new businesses in Tasmania, particularly those offering innovative or new ideas in the market. For more information you can visit State Growth - Grants and Funding Opportunities . In addition to this many local councils offer incentives for new businesses commencing in their own local area

Booming Tourism industry – With tourist numbers going sky high, and strong investment from both private and public sectors, the tourism market offers remarkable opportunities to entrepreneurs seeking to operate in that space. There are many examples of successful start up s such as mountain bike tours, shuttle operators, wilderness tours, climbing and diving tours, fishing charter, scenic flights…the list goes one…and there’s scope for many more!


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