Tasbuilt Team Member Salutes This ANZAC Day!

Meet LTCOL Andrew Farquhar & hear his plans for ANZAC Day.

Tasbuilt team member Andrew Farquhar will literally be putting on a different hat this Sunday (25th April), when he takes the salute of the ANZAC Day parade in Launceston.

“Last year I stood on High Street in Launceston at Dawn on ANZAC Day in my uniform, listening to someone in the distance play the Last Post", says LTCOL Farquhar. “This year, it will be great to be able to be with my fellow service women and men again” he says.

So what exactly does the Saluting Officer do? “Well, as the marching parade moves towards the Cenotaph, the Mayor and representatives from the three services (Navy, Army and Air Force) return the salute to those marching. It's a sign of mutual respect and a recognition of the service of those marching. Not all cities do it, but RSL Tasmania and the City of Launceston have a long-standing tradition to do this”, says LTCOL Farquhar.

Thank you Andrew for your ongoing service to our nation, and thank you to all service men and women who keep our country safe!


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