Your school buildings outgrown? Or do they need a facelift?

Tasbuilt Commercial has the answer for you!

For teachers to teach and students to learn, they need classrooms which cater to their needs and provide a great learning environment.

In December last year, Tasbuilt Homes was approached by Christian Schools Tasmania to construct two new 12m x 6m classrooms and an amenities block. By the end of February, the buildings were transported to site 90% complete.

Choosing Tasbuilt as their builders proved to be a great option. Our unique off-site construction meant minimal disruption for the school’s learning environment and left the site safe from any dangerous construction materials. Tasbuilt looked after the whole project from Council approvals, painting, laying the carpet, installing light fittings and window furnishings and connecting the services once the buildings were on site.

'Tasbuilt was great to work with throughout the project – in plan development, installation, adjustments and contact with the office. The classrooms are cosy and bright, with flexible design options for doors, windows and roof type. The construction seems suited for a much longer life than we originally contemplated when we first began looking at modular classroom options. We considered it a plus that the whole classroom could be delivered to site in one piece. We would consider Tasbuilt again for future classroom needs.'

(Brian Bosveld, Business Manager of Christian Schools Tasmania)


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