5 Important things to know about building on a lifestyle block in Tasmania

Making the ‘tree-change’ (or ‘sea-change’) to your dream lifestyle property in Tasmania is an exciting and worthy adventure. With abundant land in amazing locations, building your new home in Tasmania can be both rewarding and fulfilling. However there are some important details to be aware of...we're here to help....

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Check the site before you buy

In the excitement of making the big move, many would be ‘tree-changers’ are snapping up bargain properties based purely on real estate photos and their own emotions. While this has a happy ending in many cases, this approach is fraught with danger. We highly recommend you make the (relatively inexpensive) trip to Tasmania to check out your proposed new property before you buy. Don’t forget to check out the surrounding areas, and the proximity to services you might need. Tasmania might be an island, but that doesn’t mean it is small, so travel distances can still be significant! When you do make your exploratory trip, make a short list of properties you would like to inspect, and make sure you leave time to call into Tasbuilt to check out our display homes and have a chat with our team.

Check the council zoning

Tasmania has strict rules around building on agricultural land, and some properties that look like a fantastic location for your lifestyle home are actually prohibited from building on. Be aware of properties that are zoned ‘rural resource’ or similar, as these blocks are supposed to be set aside for primary production purposes. Focus instead on blocks that are zoned ‘rural living’ or ‘low density residential.’ While building a home on a rural resource property is not prohibited, it can be very difficult to obtain the council approvals, so if you do plan to purchase one of these properties we highly recommend you make your contract conditional on receiving development approval. Tasbuilt are able to assist with the process of applying for development approval so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Allow extra for services

Most rural and semi-rural properties in Tasmania do not have access to ‘mains services’ such as town water and sewer. This means your new home will require its own onsite systems for drinking water and sewage disposal. While mains power is available in most locations, the distances for connecting are usually longer. In some cases connecting to the mains power may not be viable and you will need to explore options for generating your own electricity onsite. Tasbuilt can take care of all your onsite services within the fixed price proposal for your new home. The upside to having your own services onsite means you don’t pay rates for sewer and water so your running costs are lower in the long term.

Choose a builder who will customise a design to suit your unique location

Tasmania's many unique landscapes call for unique homes to take maximum advantage of what your property offers. Choose a builder who will work with you to develop a customised home to suit you, your requirements, and your location. At Tasbuilt you can choose to modify one of our standard designs, or work with our team to develop a design just for you.

Use a modular builder to save yourself effort, time and money

With many of Tasmania's popular lifestyle locations being remote from major centres, building a conventional home can be a long winded, expensive and frustrating process. By building you home offsite in a controlled environment, modular construction eliminates the headache of having tradespeople travelling to and from your site, and ensures your home is built to a high quality finish. Tasbuilt Homes are the leading modular builder in Tasmania, so make sure you contact us to find out more!


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