Prefab and the Australian building sector

The future is bright! Read our take from the experts...

The construction industry has been an integral part of the Australian economy for many centuries and has seen a significant surge in development due to the rise of modular construction. As a consequence, the market for modular is like the hip, trendy, ‘in-thing’ in the industry and its going places!

Why Has Modular Construction Gained Popularity In The Construction Industry?

Australia’s modular market is accelerating at a massive pace right now due to several factors. Due to the factory-build aspect of this construction method, it’s being used increasingly to meet the demand for housing across the nation, boosting employment opportunities within local economies. This construction method also lends itself to an efficient method to overcome supply chain shortages due to buying power, factory LEAN methods, and less wastage which is a win-win for any builder in this uncertain economy. Finally, another plus is this controlled method of building helps reduce site and environmental impact making it a cleaner, greener method, a plus for the planet!

So Where To For Modular In The Future?

Obviously increasing popularity leads to greater opportunities for expansion and potential within this niche industry, creating options for a range of skills including architects, developers, designers, engineers and more... this, in turn, will create greater demand for skilled professionals in this line and innovative leaders of these industries seeing how they can innovate to increase their market share.

While modular's capabilities and popularity are already impressive, we think we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg… What if entire communities could be relocated and repurposed as population ebbs and flows or as seasonal requirements allow? does any structure need to be permanent? All things modular have the potential to transform our cities and continue to make the industry more sustainable – the future of modular is bright!!

Ultimately, this is fantastic news for those working in the industry and those seeking better housing options across Australia!

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