Site Preparation for Prefabricated Homes

5 Things you need to do


Many home buyers in Tasmania opt for prefabricated homes because of their advantages – fast construction, low cost and innovative designs. Our homes are made of individual modules built in a factory with a controlled and more stable environment for construction. The modules are then transported to the site, assembled and installed on day of delivery.

Before installing the house, it is important to prepare the site ahead of time to ensure the quality of construction and the smooth flow of installation. So how is the site prepared?

Here are some of the steps you need to do first.

1. Do a site inspection:

A thorough inspection is the initial step in preparing a site for a building.

Getting a good look at the area will enable builders or contractors to determine the suitability of the site for the home structure and the feasibility of the project as a whole. Soil condition and quality, for instance, must be considered in this process as these factors may affect the quality of construction. Additionally, a site inspection will allow our builders & you to explore the possibilities of the project in consideration to your needs and expectations.

2. Clear & Level the land/site:

Some blocks may already be clear while some can be heavily wooded. After a careful inspection, the site should be cleared and levelled to make way for the foundation or installation of footings. Make sure that the area is clear of rocks, trees or any type of debris that may disrupt the installation in any way. Clearing the land will pave way for the smooth delivery and installation of your home.

3. Ensure the site’s accessibility:

To ensure a smooth installation of new homes, the site should be made easily accessible. Remember that a delivery truck will be in the area to transport different sections of the building. The truck should be able to reach the site easily. The installation also involves a crane that will lift the different parts of your home. The crane must be in a designated flat area that is close to the foundation.

4. Set boundaries for your site/lot:

Prior to doing any work on the site, it is best for the area of land to be properly marked. This is a great way to indicate the area where all the work should take place. Our builders will know where they can work and where to set up necessary equipment. Setting boundaries will also keep away trespassers or any unauthorised person from the site.

5. Get ready for delivery:

Once the site is all set, make sure everything is ready for the delivery. If the site is in a populated neighbourhood, make sure to inform neighbours of the delivery and installation date to avoid any conflict.

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