TASBUILT HOMES: We're happy if you're happy

Continuously improving communication & interaction with our clients...

The key to enjoying the process of building your new home is good communication with your builder.

Tasbuilt is committed to continuously improving communication and interaction with our clients, to ensure you feel 100% comfortable every step of the project.

As part of our commitment to being the preferred home builder in Tasmania, we have developed a survey - which is emailed via an independent web based system - to collect feedback from our clients who have built new homes in Tasmania. The survey is sent out six weeks after the completion of your new home, and contains 10 questions, taking between 1-5 minutes to complete. It includes questions about each step of the process, from the obligation-free proposal, to the handover process at the completion of your new home.

Our clients simply complete the survey by rating each step of the process on a score of 1 to 10. Every week the results are graphed, and of course we are aiming for 10 out of 10 for each of the steps in the process! The feedback is invaluable as it enables us to focus on the areas that need improving, and get even better in what we already do well.

Tasbuilt thanks all our clients who have already participated in the survey – you are helping us to become a better company, delivering better service to families across Tasmania.

Do you have an idea on how we can further improve our customer service? We would love to hear from you.


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