Consider exterior cladding to set your home apart

Add your style with a few cladding options...


Have you considered your exterior cladding?

At Tasbuilt it’s all about you & your home! There are countless selections you can make to add your style and your signature. Remember, it’s those finer details that will set your home apart.

Tasbuilt offers a great range of superior cladding options. Maybe the warm feel of western red cedar, a contemporary render finish, or perhaps the classic brick? Do you prefer the traditional painted weatherboards, or would you rather give your home some extra class and refinement by using a range of architectural panels?

The roofline sets that character of your home. A traditional Dutch gable, a smart and stylish hip roof or even a modern skillion or curved look, the design is yours. For added character to your home, a steeper (24˚) roof pitch may be what you’re looking for.


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