Moving To Tasmania...

Ready for out and about? Settled in and ready to start exploring?


Ready for out and about? Settled in and ready to start exploring? Look out for delicious eateries, entertainment, village markets, parks and reserves… It will blow your mind!

Food and Drink

The rich soil, clean water and crisp air inspire growers to produce world class, truly authentic, food and drink here in our island state. Found at farmers markets, eateries, from cheerful pubs to formal bars and restaurants. Iconic famous restaurants and markets such as Salamanca Markets & Launceston’s Harvest Market, are simply charming!

Our world class pinot noir and sparkling wines entice the interest of wine makers all around the world, and we are increasingly gaining recognition for this fact.

It doesn’t stop here, food lovers can discover how to prepare simply amazing foods at cooking schools, pick fresh produce straight from the paddock and sample Tasmanian inspired dishes.


It doesn't stop at the amazing food and drink, Tasmania is filled with spectacular tourist attractions like the historical Port Arthur, the iconic Dove Lake. Tasmania is home to Australia's highest sea cliffs, simply breathtaking to witness!

Discover the jagged peaks of the Tasmanian wilderness with the Overland Track Walk or Freycinet Peninsula Circuit.

Visit the highest peak in Tasmania at Mt Ossa or the ancient rainforests and alpine heaths at Cradle Mountain. A day at the Tulip Farms at Table Cape or famous Bridstowe Lavender Farm will leave you breathless and in awe!

Recreational areas

There is bound to be a park around the corner, lined with gorgeous burnt orange leaves in autumn or light pink blossoms in spring. Tasmania’s parks are a pleasant place to relax, read a book, take the dog for a stroll, or an outing for the kids. From picnic with the monkeys at City Park in Launceston or a traditional Aussie barbeque at Russell Falls, Holly bank, or Liffey falls.

Village markets

Village markets are an icon, held in small townships every week or month. The Richmond Village Market held every Saturday, crafts created by talented Tasmanians, delicious food and drink, fresh produce and historical buildings to explore along in the village centre.


Cultural festivals located throughout the state, include some of Tasmanians finest food, wine, beer, cider, gin and whiskey get togethers. The renown Falls Festival holds its 25th anniversary this year with arts and craft, camping, gourmet foods and fishing.


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