Walk in Showers - Practical & Stylish

Tired of cleaning the tracks and hinges on your shower door? Choose a walk in shower with frameless screen for your new Tasbuilt Home...

In the ensuite of our new Sheridan display home we have incorporated a double size, walk in shower with a fixed frameless panel. Now, many of our clients are choosing this option over the traditional shower base with a pivot door. Why?

Easy to clean

The fixed glass panel has no deep grooved tracks or complicated hinges to clean. The fixed sheet of toughened glass can be wiped down on either side quickly and effectively, keeping your bathroom looking clean and fresh, and saving you time.

Convenient access

With no door or knob, the walk in shower provides great access. This is especially beneficial for elderly people, or those who need easy access into the shower area.


The glass panel is specially processed to ensure it will not shatter or smash.

Looks great

The frameless screen and tiled base provide the look of finish and prestige that every ensuite and bathroom needs.

Your choice of floor drain

The shower can be drained to the rear, side or centre of the shower area. You choose between a long slimline grate at the end of the shower, or a smart square grate, with a stainless top or tiled insert.

Every Tasbuilt Home is custom designed, so ask us about incorporating a walk in shower in your next home!

See some examples and pictures in our Bathrooms & Ensuites Gallery.


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