The Building Process Gallery

Check out this gallery of images from different stages of our home builds, including construction, transporting, and installation.

Tasmanian Leaders in home construction

Tasbuilt Homes has become a forerunner in the field of modular home construction and project management across Tasmania. Our aim is to provide you with the "perfect home" to suit your taste and lifestyle. We manage home construction from start to finish, to make building a new home an enjoyable and rewarding experience for people, avoiding the stress of more traditional building methods.

Less hassle than conventional building methods

We offer high-quality modular homes that are guaranteed to last! Our off-site construction process takes away many of the hassles that conventional, on-site construction involves.

With Tasbuilt, you'll experience...

  • Lower cost of transport of building materials.
  • No endless, back and forth negotiations with contractors.
  • Less construction waste and noise, leading to disgruntled neighbours.

Customisable Homes

We also provide custom-built homes that will cater best to your specific needs. We can tailor home designs and functionalities to reflect your preferences. As we handle your home-building project end-to-end, we apply cost-effective methods and principles wherever possible while ensuring the quality, durability, and comfort of your home aren't compromised.

We work with you to build your dream home

Here at Tasbuilt Homes, we truly listen to your ideas! As our team brainstorms together on your project, we suggest different design elements and functionalities to make a home that best suits you and reflects your needs. We constantly consult you throughout the process to ensure you are satisfied with the outcome!

Either onsite or offsite, Tasbuilt Homes uses eco-friendly building principles and complies well with building codes and regulations. You can be assured that your new home is safe, sturdy, and eco-friendly, bearing no extra burden on our planet.

Tasbuilt Homes has a team of expert, professional home builders and designers dedicated to providing you with a first-class homebuilding experience. Our exceptional customer service and unparalleled after-sales service have been helping clients save time and money since 2003!

With Tasbuilt Homes, you'll be a happy and satisfied homeowner in no time! Contact us today to start making your dream home a reality.

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