Elevated Seaside Escape

Elevated Stanfield/Norfolk home hybrid by the beach, with Bass Strait views.

This beachside abode is an amended 'hybrid' version of our Stanfield and Norfolk home designs.

Elevated house plans are primarily designed for homes located in flood zones. Beyond flood protection, this exceptional house plan design flair and brilliant functionality combined in the modern beach home at Bell Bouy Beach has been elevated a full story - provides usable space underneath the home for additional parking and storage and creates opportunities to maximise the panoramic Bass Strait views from the property.

The home's raking ceilings painted black provide a striking yet cosy effect in the open-plan living area. This dark colour choice draws your eye instead to the stunning coastal vistas through the grand double-glazed windows and doors. Despite its contemporary nature, the home looks very much at ease in its natural seaside environment - smart move!

To capitalise on the beautiful sea views, the main living space extends onto a deck through a bank of floor-to-ceiling glass stretching across the living area allowing sunlight to penetrate deep into the house – also perfect for some reflective downtime or a gathering place to enjoy the company of friends and a perfect position to keep an eye on the kids at the same time.

Innovatively and beautifully crafted, this beach home is designed to emphasize its stunning tropical setting, you can also grab the beach umbrella and surfboard and head to the white sands of Bell Bouy Beach.

Project Details

LocationBell Bouy Beach

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