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Refer a friend and receive $1000 to share*

We love referrals!

Do you know someone who may be interested in building a quality home? A family member, friend, work colleague or acquaintance - refer them to build with us and you both could be $500 richer!


We invite you to refer your friends, neighbours, relatives, or co-workers - if they end up building a new home with Tasbuilt Homes, you’ll receive a $500 thank you from us.

But that’s not all, your friend will enjoy $500 too – it’s a win-win situation.

Simply refer a friend or family member to build with Tasbuilt Homes and be rewarded.

It’s that easy! And there’s no limit to how many people you refer!

If you have a friend who's thinking of building, pass on their details with the confidence that they will receive only the very best of service from Tasbuilt Homes.

How it works

Simply fill out the form below...

  • This is where you will lodge your personal and build details (contract number and date signed).
  • These details will be reviewed by Tasbuilt to decide if it is a valid referral
  • If valid, you will be presented with a unique code, which you then must give to your friend to quote to Tasbuilt on signing of contract.
  • This will allow Tasbuilt to recognize when a friend has been successfully referred (signed a contract, paid $10k starter payment, and received council permit), and the $1000 reward can be given - in which $500 will be given to the referrer and $500 to the friend that has been referred.

Terms & Conditions of Entry

  1. The person referring a friend must be someone that has previously built a home with Tasbuilt or is in the process of building a home with Tasbuilt.
  2. Someone that has begun a contract with Tasbuilt but then cancelled it will not be considered valid.
  3. The friend that has been referred must have a valid, signed contract and paid their $10K starter payment with Tasbuilt before a reward is given.
  4. Tasbuilt Employees will not be eligible for the reward.
  5. There is no limit on how many referrals a person can make.
  6. No matter how long ago a customer built a house with Tasbuilt, they are still eligible for the campaign.
  7. This promotion is valid for all contracts signed from 1 Feb 2023 to 31 December 2023.

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