Customisation - A Tasbuilt Home made just for you!

Custom designing is one of the three key pillars of Tasbuilt's award winning customer service... Customised, Streamlined, Professional

Customisation - A Tasbuilt Home made just for you!


Building a new home is a perfect opportunity to create a space that brings together in a harmonious way the slices of your life that are most important to you.  To achieve this result, we believe in offering you as much flexibility and creativity as possible in both the layout and structure and the finishes – so you can truly arrive at your ‘dream’ home

As well as creating the home of your dreams, the reality is that most of us have a budget.  And there-in lies one of the most important reasons why customizing is so important.  It allows you to cut back on the features that are not of priority to you, while making the most of the features that are

Tasbuilts project team have decades of combined experience in tweaking and adjusting designs to best suit the needs of those we build for.  Here are some examples where we have worked with clients to adapt our standard designs to suit thir requirements.


The adapted Lomond

Some clever changes to our three bedroom double storey Lomond design made this stunning home even more wow.  We love the softer more traditional styling on the front, and the upstairs parents retreat is always a winner in this home.  Once again the window placement was optimised to achieve both great views and plenty of light. The Lomond is perfect for coastal living in Tasmania. 



The adapted Hardwicke 

By simply extending the living room side of our popular Hardwicke home, we were able to add in a separate media room at the front of the home, providing a retreat for the parents when they needed some quiet time.  Conveniently located opposite the master bedroom, we think this would be a great solution for many of our clients looking for some extra space.  The wrap around verandah adds a homely touch to the popular split skillion style of our four bedroom Hardwicke home.


The adapted Stanfield 

With a wide fronted block and ocean views, extending the Stanfield was the solution for this client.  Due to having a south facing view, we used the offset modules and some highlight windows to achieve northern sunlight into the living area, without compromising the outlook....ideal for picturesque Tasmania! 


The adapted Elliot 

Extending the Elliot both ways provided extra space in the living room and bedrooms and also created some interesting external shapes.  On this one we moved the kitchen to the rear, which gave more open space in the living room.  The bigger spaces make this a great little two bedroom granny flat that feels open and friendly.