Staff Profile – Ben Trimmer, Project Leader


Tell us a bit about yourself..

My family moved to Tasmania in 2003 which is when Tasbuilt commenced. I started working at Tasbuilt in 2008, as an onsite carpenter and then in 2009 I moved into a sales role. I married in 2014 and have a one year old son, Alfie. I enjoy socialising with family and friends and researching current trends in architecture and design

What is your role at Tasbuilt Homes?

I work as a project leader on one of our two sales teams, which includes preparing concept designs, compiling proposals, and working with the construction team to deliver the projects. My second role is as the marketing manager, working with the marketing team to plan and deliver Tasbuilts message to our potential clients

What are the biggest challenges you see Tasbuilt facing in the next 2 years?

Legislation around the construction industry is constantly changing. I believe Tasbuilt are well placed to keep pace with this but it will be more difficult for the smaller players in the industry who don’t have the resources to keep on top of it. The second challenge is the ever growing range of new and innovative products available to the building industry. It is important that we keep up to date with these offerings so we can continue to offer our clients cutting edge options

What makes Tasbuilt different to other builders?

Tasbuilt prebuild our homes offsite in our purpose built factory. This gives three main advantages – allows us to offer a customised solution to every client – provides a streamlined process which is fast and hassle free – and provides a professional and enjoyable experience for the end user

What are the biggest changes you have seen in the building industry during your career?

The approvals process is far more stringent – it used to be about 10 pages and three weeks, now the approvals are around 150 pages and can take up to 3 months or more! 3D modelling was only used on high end projects when I started, now we provide 3D models with every proposal. Building standards have increased, particularly around energy ratings, and we now include double glazing in all our homes where this used to be a luxury. There are thousands of new and innovative products being introduced to the building industry every year…

What will Tasbuilt Homes look like in 5 years time?

I think the 3D modelling that is already available will become much more accessible, allowing us to give all clients a very realistic virtual walk through of their home before any construction starts. Technology is moving so fast it is hard to say where it will go in 5 years, but it will doubtless have a huge impact on how we build. Highrise and commercial developments are starting to realise the advantages of modular construction so I believe there are many exciting opportunities for us in that space

And just for fun…….

McDonalds or Michelin star? Mcdonalds .......AFL or Test Match? Test Match......Chocolate or Cheese? Cheese......The Australian or BRW? The Australian.......Red wine or Red Bull? Red Wine every time!........


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