Moving To Tasmania...

Retirement Haven

Moving To Tasmania...


Retirement! For some a fearful unknown, for others an optimistic leap to freedom… where-ever you fit, choosing a home base for your retirement years is a big decision.

Tasmania is known as a retirement haven due to a number of unique features. We believe these features make Tasmania the number one destination for Australian retirees. Pay us a visit on your next holiday and we are convinced you will agree!

Like being on holiday all the time

After all, we are the Holiday Isle! When you hang up the boots and leave work for the last time, you want that well-earned holiday feeling to last for years to come. With Tasmania’s resort style scenery in every quarter, you can unwind and relax, and let the natural beauty erase the aches and pains of the years of work. As a popular holiday destination, Tasmania’s world class golf courses, bush walks, mountain climbs and water activities are on offer for you all year round.

Friendly people and laid back culture

The natural result of being the holiday isle, and a little distant from the hectic rush of the mainland cities, Tasmanias people are undeniably easy to get to know. Whether its bumping into a new neighbour, or joining a new social group, Tasmania loves to make its newcomers feel right at home. Even though you wont be a local for a few years yet, if you can take some friendly banter you can be sure these laid back folk will give you a great time!

Cooler climate

Probably close to the number one reason retirees are coming to Tasmania in droves – to escape the heat! Tasmania’s cool climate and balmy summer days allow you to enjoy your retirement to its full without feeling like you are perspiring all the time! Contrary to popular belief, Tasmania has a huge amount of sunshine, but without the sweltering humidity and burning heat of the mainland states. Being fully surrounded by the sea allows Tasmanians to enjoy a perfect temperate climate. Ok, we do admit some places do receive snow in winter (it wouldn’t be Tasmania otherwise!), so if your not the cosy fireplace type choose a more coastal destination like Kingston or the East Coast

Your friends will love to visit

It’s a small price to pay for living in a beautiful place like Tasmania – you will have no lack of friends and family eager to visit and experience our holiday Isle for themselves. It’s a great way to keep in touch, and if you aren’t the sort that likes opening up your home to visitors, you can park them at a nearby caravan park. Before long they will likely be moving down to join you!

Huge range of locations to choose from

Whether your retirement dream is a 5 acre hobby farm, a spacious suburban quarter acre block, a beach side retreat with stunning views, or a safe, low maintenance village, Tasmania has the location for you. Small towns like Longford and Evandale, rich in history and culture, provide a slow paced town life. Bicheno, St Helens and hundreds of other beach side towns offer stunning views and an idyllic lifestyle. Hobart and Launceston provide for the more action seeking retirees who still enjoy the club and café society. And all throughout Tasmania there are little acreages perfect for the retiree that dreams of a hobby farm complete with a horse, a chook or too…

Affordable properties and living costs

Whilst Tasmania has experienced a property boom, the prices you will pay for a property in Tasmania are still enviable to most mainland areas. Even in Hobart property prices are as little a sa quarter of comparable properties in Sydney. Many regional areas in Tasmania are still offering building bocks for under $100,000. Where else could you find a property with water views at these sort of prices! And better still, the ongoing living costs are also comparably smaller than either Melbourne or Sydney

Well serviced

Tasmania is well serviced with all the facilities you need to enjoy a safe and comfortable retirement. We have already touched on the leisure options earlier in this article. There is plentiful options for shopping, both for everyday household shopping, as well as fashion, hardware and anything else you could need. The hospitals are renowned for friendly staff, and the state is well serviced by doctors throughout. And in almost every town or village you will find a number of restaurants and cafes serving exquisite Tasmanian cuisine!