How much does it cost to build a home in Tasmania?

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How much does it cost to build a home in Tasmania?


Tasmania has countless gorgeous locations to choose from when it comes to building a new home.  These sites can vary from a level site in the rural country side to a steeply sloping site with breathtaking coastal views.  Depending on the home site you choose, the cost of building your new home can vary vastly.  However we have put together a few points to help guide you in the right direction

The cost of building a new home in Tasmania usually ranges between $1,500 - $2,500 per square metre, but it could be more depending on the level of finishes you choose, and the site where you choose to build your new home in Tasmania.   

Smaller homes tend to be more expensive per square metre, as they still include the critical items such as kitchen, bathrooms, heating systems and preliminary costs that make up a significant proportion of the contract value of your home.

Land values in Tasmania are typically a lot lower than in the other states, and often offer incredible views and access to services that would bring premium price tags in other areas

A sloping site will normally  be more expensive to build on than a flat site, as there is additional excavation, footings and subfloor work involved.  Generally an elevated floor with bearers and joists, like the steel subframe we use at Tasbuilt, is the most cost effective option for building on a sloping site.  An elevated floor minimises the need for costly excavations and retaining walls, and reduces the likelihood of land instability by reducing the impact of your foundations on your site.  Combining an elevated floor system with a modular solution is a great way to eliminate the cost blow outs that are common on sloping sites, as building your home off site reduces the need for scaffolding, and allows for your home to be prebuilt in a level environment

Other site factors that may impact on the cost of your new home include access, ground conditions, and proximity to suppliers.  Modular building once again works in your favour by constructing your home in a central facility with access to suppliers and contractors, reducing travel and accommodation costs, particularly if you are building in a remote area.  A good builder will meet you onsite early in the process to ensure all the relevant factors are taken into consideration, saving you unexpected cost increases later in your project

At Tasbuilt we provide a price guide for all of our standard Tasmanian home designs to help you get started. 

Once we have completed a site inspection and formalised a design for your new home, Tasbuilt will provide a detailed fixed price proposal, so that you can see exactly what your investment in your new home will add up to


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