5 minute chat with Ben Trimmer - Tasbuilt Sales Consultant

August 2017

How long have you been a Sales Consultant with Tasbuilt Homes?

I started with Tasbuilt Homes in 2007 as an onsite apprentice, and in 2009 I was given the opportunity to work as a sales consultant. Since then I have worked with 100’s of clients looking to build their new home in Tasmania to create new home designs to suit their requirements. We now have 4 sales consultants at Tasbuilt Homes which allows us to provide the best possible service to both our current and future clients

What are the biggest misconceptions about modular homes that you frequently come across?

Many clients are pleasantly surprised at how much we can customise to suit their own requirements. Our homes can incorporate raking ceilings, highlight windows, large open living areas, and many other features that were not traditionally associated with prefab homes.

A visit to our display home centre in Westbury is a great way to fully understand the features and quality that are included in a Tasbuilt Home. Double glazing, extensive insulation, air conditioning and tiling through the wet areas are some of the other inclusions that many visitors to our Tasmanian display homes are surprised to see.

Do you have any advice for people beginning to look for a new home?

Start putting together a collection of sketches and pictures of ideas and styles you like the look of to assist with designing your new home.

It is more difficult to design a new home if you do not have a particular block in mind. Once we have an idea of the site you are planning to build on we can help with ensuring you can maximise the slope, the view, the natural sunlight, and any other features that we need to work around.

What is your favourite Tasbuilt design?

That would be a close call between the new Blackman design and our popular Hardwicke which we have on display. Both of these designs are a contemporary style with open living, walk in pantry, raking ceilings and lots of large windows. The Blackman is more suited to a wider fronted block, where the Hardwicke fits well on a narrower site.

If you would like to chat further to Ben about any of the above, you can call him on 6393 1013 or email bent@tasbuilthomes.com.au .


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