How to style the entryway into your home

The entrance to your home sets the scene for what lies beyond.

How to style the entryway into your home


The entrance to your home sets the scene for what lies beyond.

Whether you’re renovating or dressing your property up to sell or moving into your new home, the entrance is an area you can’t afford to ignore.

So how do you compose the perfect overture to your home?

Consider the tone you would like to set for the rest of the home. This can be done by working on two separate components, the doorway and the entry foyer. Whether you have the large verandah, a modern portico or a single-step tread as your entry, there is always a way to involve design and drama.

For your doorway some of the things to consider include:

  • Working on the profile of the door
  • Paint colour and paint finish
  • Door hardware, including handles, hinges and knockers.

Once you make it through the threshold of the property, this next space should be as outstanding as any other room in your home.

Top tips for entryways

  • Built-in-wardrobes are ideal for coats, boots and bags. If you don’t have this as an option look for a fitting and practical piece of furniture that meets you needs or can be easily converted to meet your needs.
  • Light the space. Many entry halls are not flooded with light, so use table lamps or pendant lighting to provide light when tying shoes and checking makeup before you leave for the day. Make sure you have full control of the lighting via separate switches and dimmers so you can dim the lights to create a welcoming and ambient first impression when entertaining.
  • Rugs are a great way to bring an entry hall to life. To help withstand the traffic and daily dust and dirt, choose a rug with a heavy texture or detailed pattern.
  • Treat your entry like any other room. Bring it to life with flowers, art and candles. 

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