How to hold the best garage sale ever

This is a great chance to spring-clean...

How to hold the best garage sale ever


Be prepared

Preparation is everything when it comes to holding a garage sale; here are a few pointers to help make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

The first step is deciding what’s worth selling. Anything that’s extremely valuable is probably better sold through a different forum – think Gumtree, eBay or dedicated buyers of collectibles.

Anything that is irreparably damaged or dirty should probably just go straight in the bin. Since you are about to move house, this can be an excellent opportunity to declutter.

Next step, pick your date and advertise (well in advance) in as many forums as possible. Sure, the old piece of cardboard taped to a pole works wonders for people already out and about on a weekend morning. You could place an ad in your local paper or the Trading Post, posting on Facebook or Twitter, or just asking friends and family to spread the word.

If you are sticking with simple signage, think about positioning signs at heavily trafficked areas, such as local shops, sporting fields and major intersections. Make sure your signs are bright, eye-catching and, most of all, legible.

Another essential element of preparation is making sure you have plenty of change, bags and even paper to wrap any fragile items in. And it’s a good idea to be ready for that knock on the door at 6 am, even when your signs clearly state that the sale starts at 7!

Be realistic

Your treasure may well be another man’s trash, or vice versa: don’t be too precious about things that may have sentimental value for you. Besides, if they are really that precious, then maybe you shouldn’t be selling them!

Most of all, try to have fun!

Remember that this is a great chance to spring-clean, make a bit of extra cash and makes you ready to move into your new Tasbuilt Home!