Tips on how to host the best housewarming party

Be proud to show off your new home!

Tips on how to host the best housewarming party


Be proud to show off your new home!

Every new home owner is proud to show off their new home. And why not, after all the time, money and effort that’s gone into creating their dream! Here are some simple tips that you can follow so you can host the best housewarming party, one that your guests will love and remember:

Send out hand written Invitations 

A handwritten invitation will mean so much more to your guests, they will regard it as a treat. It adds a personal touch that can’t be expressed through typed invitations. Remember to include the date, time, location and theme.

Finger food galore

To encourage mingling and discussion, offer plenty of finger foods rather than a formal sit down dinner. Ensure any guests with dietary restrictions know what they’re eating.


Have a guest book

You want to make this a party to remember! You can either buy or make your own guest book and have it by your front door. Ask your guests to fill it in for you as they’re leaving and have a section where they can leave comments or tips! You will love reading back through it.

Have some activities on hand

Activities are a great way to get your guests to liven up. The best ones are short, don’t require everyone to participate and are plenty of fun for all ages. Try putting out a chess board, renting a karaoke machine, stock up on a few simple card games or have a game of charades ready to go.

Keep gifts out of the way

If you’re lucky enough to get gifts, don’t make them the highlight of your party, your guests are your focus. Sitting around while opening gifts is a guaranteed party killer…save the presents for later!

Write thank you notes

Remember to let your guests know that you enjoyed their company at the party. Send each one of your guests a simple and short card and keep it casual and genuine. Now is your opportunity to let them know that you hope to see them again soon!