7 Must Do Tips for Moving Day

7 Must Do Tips for Moving Day


7. Plan your day early

Make sure you set aside a full day for your move, book it out in your schedule and ensure nothing else is going to interfere.

6. Organise movers

If you are moving a long distance, book in movers well ahead of time, and ensure you’ve got the best movers in town. Good removalists will offer a packaging service along with an insurance coverage, for peace of mind. If you’re moving not so far away, round up friends and family to come and assist on the day.

5. Find a pet and baby sitter

Moving day can be stressful, so hire a pet or baby sitter to save you worrying about children and pets.

4. Label Everything

When packing, label everything to make it easier when unpacking. This way, boxes can be put in the right rooms at the other end and saves extra carting.

3. Pack an overnight bag

Pack a bag with your overnight essentials, pyjamas, toothbrush etc. This saves you digging through boxes to find the gear you need before turning in for the night.

2. Take proper breaks

Ensure you drink plenty of water and eat properly on moving day. It can be exhausting, so take the needed breaks, eat substantial meals and regular snacks to keep you going.

1. Make it fun

Most importantly, make the moving day fun! Encourage people you are close to, to come around and lend a hand, have music playing and keep snacks happening.