The Tasbuilt Process

Follow our simple building process with Mr & Mrs Sands...

The Tasbuilt Process


Earlier last year, John and Janet Sands visited the Tasbuilt Homes Display Centre here at Westbury and fell in love with the Sheridan Display Home – this was the beginning of their journey with Tasbuilt Homes.  

The Sands followed our simple 6 step building process: 


1. Choosing their Home:

After visiting our Display Centre at 6 Integrity Drive WESTBURY, John and Janet Sands chose to build our ‘Sheridan’ plan. They made a couple of alterations so the plan would suit their individual requirements. Our consultants carried out a Site Inspection and put everything together in a proposal which was then presented to John and Janet.                                         

2. Getting Started:

Once the Sands were 100% happy with the plan, they were ready to begin the process. They worked alongside one of our consultants to arrange suitable finance and to move their new home through the council stage.

3. Signing the Contract:

A contract tailored to their new home was drawn up and signed by both John & Janet and Tasbuilt Homes. The contract covered the price of their new home, their payment plan and listed all their inclusions and exclusions.

4. Colour and Décor Selection:

The Sands enjoyed creating the perfect look and feel for their new home, using one of our diverse, professionally selected range.

5. The Construction Process:

John and Janet were welcome to visit at any time and view their home under construction, they also had the convenience of logging into their MyHome Online Tracker and viewing the progress from the comfort of their own home. After their home was delivered to site, the finishing details were added and the services were connected. Lastly, their home was cleaned for their convenience.

6. The Final Step!

It was now over to John & Janet. All the works are complete and a final inspection was made by their local council. One of our staff then met the Sands at their new home to guide them through and familiarise them with any relevant details, provide them with a certificate of ownership, insurance and warranty information, and after sales service details….and lastly, the keys were handed over.

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