NEW Display Home Opening NEXT WEEKEND!!

Don't miss out on the Grand Opening. . .

NEW Display Home Opening NEXT WEEKEND!!


The final countdown is ticking to the opening of our new display home.  Today provided plenty of progress, with the floor coverings and window furnishings being installed.  Now we are starting to see the décor come together, and we can't wait to start putting our new furniture in place early next week.

The light fittings are now installed as well, and complement the contemporary class of the home.  Once the painters are finished their final touches the cleaners can move in and we will be ready to go.

We have had loads of interest already and we are prepared for the onslaught.  If the last display home opening we had is anything to go by we are in for a busy day!  Thanks for your interest and we hope you can come along to join the fun.




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