Build a Comfortable New Home in 6 simple steps

Create your dream home with the help of Tasbuilt today! You only need 6 simple steps to go from deciding, to having a place you can call home..

Build a Comfortable New Home in 6 simple steps


Ever wanted to build a home for your family? Tasbuilt Home offers a simple hassle free alternative to any other builders or kit homes in Tasmania. As one of Tamsnanias most reliable home builders in Hobart, Launceston or wherever you might be – Tasbuilt Homes can help you fulfil your dream.

Here at Tasbuilt, we look out for you.

We’ve been offering affordable modular homes for many families and individuals who long to step forward and make their dreams of owning a house possible. In only 6 steps, it’s possible to go from renting, to getting a place you can call your own. Here’s a quick summary of our process.

  1. Decide what you want.

Choose from our suggested plans. We have several you can choose from. Customise it the way you’ve always envisioned your place to be. From one to four bedrooms or bathrooms, it’s possible to create a plan according to your taste and budget.

  1. Address the Details

Once you have your plan of choice, decide on the details like the roof, type of trim, cladding and more. We have a helpful starter package for only a $2500 deposit. This will be deducted from the total cost so you don’t pay it separately. Once everything is in place, everything will be drafted and submitted to the local council for approval.

  1. Evaluate and Sign the Contract

This is where we lay out the price, payment plan, and gather your financial details. Once a deposit is made and the contract finalised, Tasbuilt will apply for approval to your local council. The approval process often takes 4-6 weeks.

  1. Pick your décor and colours.

We offer a wide selection so you get the option to fully customise your new home. From choosing the curtains to backsplashes, wall colours through to light fittings, you can have your space reflect your personality and style.  A huge portion of this is covered within our allowance when you pick a package, but should you go over it or decide you want something more, we’ll let you know about any extra fees involved.

  1. It’s time for Tasbuilt to Build!

This is where we start doing what we do best: building your home! You can visit any time to check on the progress. Once everything’s done, we’ll deliver it, add details, hook you up with the services and even clean it for you!

  1. Formal handover of home keys.

Everything’s done! Your local inspector will drop by to make sure everything’s good, then a Tasbuilt representative will give you a tour of your brand new home. You’ll be handed the keys, along with the certificate of ownership, insurance details and after sales support details should you need anything else from us.

Building a place you can call home doesn’t have to be complicated. With Tasbuilt, you get to work with trusted builders that will help you create an affordable, durable and comfortable home you and your family can enjoy for years to come.