Building in Bushfire prone areas

There are special requirements for the construction of new homes in bushfire prone areas. This is to minimise risk to the occupants of the home should the building come under bushfire attack. New home builders in Tasmania are now required to conform with Australian Standard AS3959 ‘Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas.

Some examples of special construction standards include:

  • Fine mesh screens made of metal (bronze or stainless steel) fixed over windows and vent holes
  • Enclosed eaves
  • Fire resistant windows and doors
  • Fire resistant decks and landings
  • Non-combustible or fire rated cladding
  • Suitable site access for fire-fighting vehicles
  • Adequate water storage on site for fire-fighting, or a fire hydrant in close proximity

If your home is assessed as being in a bush-fire prone zone, a bushfire report will be completed by a qualified assessor as part of the council application process.  This will include a bushfire hazard management plan which will explain how to maintain your property to minimise bushfire threat

Depending on the terrain and vegetation on your property, your home will be given a bushfire attack level (BAL).  This may range from BAL low, through to BAL 40, and your BAL will determine what measures need to be taken on your home to comply.

Bushfire planning